Buy my Book, Help The Forgotten Heroes

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I’ve mentioned The Forgotten Heroes before. I’m pleased to be able to announce that, until the end of 2012, 30% of every sale of A Damn Close-Run Thing will be donated to The Forgotten Heroes. All sales already made are included, so if you’ve already bought it, 30% of what you paid will be included in the donation. If you haven’t, you can buy it at all good book shops.

In case you missed my earlier blog posts, The Forgotten Heroes is a registered charity dedicated to providing quality information and assistance to wounded or injured servicemen and women, as well as their families and carers whose lives have been changed dramatically by disablement of their loved ones during military service; to help upgrade the quality of life for them by raising the standards of support available.

To find out more about The Forgotten Heroes, to access support, offer assistance, or make a donation, visit their website at or email

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