A Damn Close-Run Thing: Now Available As An Audio Book

A Damn Close-Run Thing Audio book Cover
I’m very pleased to announce that A Damn Close-Run Thing: A Brief History of the Falklands Conflict is now available as an audio book at Audible, Amazon and iTunes. It is read by the very talented Phillip J Mather. If you’re not currently an Audible member, you can get a free audio book if you sign up for a free 30-day trial.

You can listen to a short excerpt here:

Buy it at:

Buy at Audible Audible
Buy at Amazon Amazon
Buy at iTunes iTunes

I’m very pleased with Phillip’s narration, but I’ll admit that listening to someone else read my words was a slightly odd experience 🙂


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A Damn Close-Run Thing: Now available as an audiobook – Click to tweet

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    1. I’m very pleased with it. I think Phillip has done an excellent job. I listen to audio books myself, so it’s good to have one of my books available in that format.

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