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Operation Ironclad Giveaway

The giveaway has ended, sorry. It was only open until the end of Thursday 5th May (UK time).

The giveaway will be open from 1st May to 5th May (UK time).

I will only keep your details for long enough to run the giveaway, unless you decide to join my mailing list.

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  1. Paul Mayer Paul Mayer

    Dear Mr Phillips,
    I speak for my family when I say we feel deeply indebted to you for telling the story of the battle for Madagascar in 1942 and the roles played by our parents, Percy and Berthe Mayer in the liberation of the island. In recounting the contributions individuals make in the service of their countries you honour those who sacrificed much, too often all, out of love of country and freedom. My siblings and I thank you for your good work.
    With best wishes,
    Paul Mayer

    • Paul,

      Thank you. That means a lot to me. Your parents and their SOE colleagues did remarkable work, and it’s my privilege and pleasure to make that more widely known.

      Russell Phillips

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