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Primary sources on the Internet Archive

In my research, I sometimes photograph or scan primary sources. Up until now, they’ve sat on my hard drive, inaccessible to anyone else. On occasion, someone has asked me for a document, and I’ve been happy to send it to them. I’ve started uploading these documents to Internet Archive, to make them generally accessible to anyone that is interested in them.

Thus far, I’ve uploaded all thirty-one issues of Army Technical Intelligence Review that I have. This is a specialised British Army magazine, and although they aren’t mentioned, I’m reliably informed that at least some of the intelligence contained came from BRIXMIS. There are also some documents about the 1980 Iranian Embassy siege, a Second World War British War Office pamphlet about the Far East and Madagascar campaigns, and a war diary.

I shall upload more as I get time, but it’s likely to be a slow process. Everything that I have uploaded can be found on my upload page.

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