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Remembrance Day 2020

Today is Remembrance Day in the UK. I have a poppy, and I shall observe the two minute silence at 11:00.

For me, this is a day to remember everyone that has been harmed by war. Whatever their nationality, and whether they were civilian or military. That’s a lot of people, and so each year I focus on one particular group.

This year, my focus will be on those that fought in campaigns that are not well remembered. My next book is about the battle for Madagascar in WWII. It’s mostly forgotten now, but men and women fought and died on the island. They deserve to be remembered just as much as those that fought in other, better-known campaigns.

Like many others, until relatively recently I knew very little of the campaign, and there are probably others that I’m still unaware of. At 11:00 today I shall think of those that fought and died in battles that most people no longer remember.

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