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The Newspaper (an RPG adventure)

My newest book is something different – an adventure for a tabletop RPG. It’s a free one-off adventure set during the Second World War and referencing the events described in A Ray of Light. It’s available as an ebook in PDF, ePub, and Mobi formats. The cover and description are below.

Book cover: "The Newspaper: A SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF Delivery" by Russell Phillips. Background has bomber aircraft dropping bombs. Text at bottom left says "Works with RISUS"

During the Second World War, information was one of the most precious currencies there was. And in this light-hearted and humorous one-shot adventure, delivering a simple newspaper could be the one thing which stops an entire village being erased from the history books and forgotten forever.

In The Newspaper, the player characters will have to overcome several wartime challenges to ensure their delivery makes it into the hands of Dr Barnett Stross, a doctor and local politician in Stoke-on-Trent. If the mission succeeds, their newspaper will alert Dr Stross to the plight of Lidice, a Czechoslovakian village razed to the ground by the Nazis, and inspire him to start the Lidice Shall Live campaign.

While the stakes may be high in this adventure, the action is far from serious. Players will have to keep their heads down and avoid the police, keep their valuables from being stolen by pickpockets, survive an air raid, and stay on the right side of the Home Guard.

Will you complete the mission with your dignity intact? Or will your newspaper merely end up being the next day’s fish and chip paper?

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