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World War II Logic Puzzle

A friend of mine wrote a custom, World War II-themed logic puzzle for me. She’s given me permission to post it here so that others can try it.

Five men from the village of Barford in Warwickshire went to war. Only one returned.

Can you work out the full name and rank of each man, when and how they died, and at what age?

  1. William was a lower rank than the Brigadier General.
  2. Two of the men died in the same year. Baylay was not one of them.
  3. Private Pumfrey died at a younger age than Maurice, although he survived to a later year.
  4. One of the two men who died at sea was Harry Conlon.
  5. The Squadron Leader was killed during the Dam Busters Raid. He was not 21.
  6. The Major, who does not have the initial ‘H’, lived to 25 years old – a greater age than Maudsley.
  7. The man who died during an accident while training in Bath was only 18 years old. This was not Charles.
  8. The man who survived the war died of old age in 1957. He was not Barker.
  9. The able seaman’s ship sunk in 1941.
  10. Henry lived to be four years older than the man who died in 1942 did.
Age diedSurnameFirst nameRankYear of deathHow died

NB These are true stories of a few of the soldiers from the village where my friend grew up, and her parents still live.

The puzzle can also be downloaded as a printable PDF.

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